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3.1 Region Meet

Saturday  23 Jan 16

Texas A&M University Kingsville

State Representative J.M. Lozano visited with STYC members. He shared his thoughts on school financing. And offered his perspective on iSol and the likelihood of passage in the next Texas legislative session.

He commented on how fortunate they were to be part of STYC, remembering that there was nothing like it when he was in high school nor in college.

He was pleased to learn about them holding Hearings, or Charlas as they call them. He offered to help bring their Charla to the State Capitol next November.


STYC members were welcomed by Dr. Michelle Durán, Director Distance Learning and Instructional Technology.

Dr, Durán encouraged STYC members to continue their work on iSol because they are on the right path. That distance learning and training have important benefits to the community in particular the medical profession.

STYC members gather at

Texas A&M Kingsville

STYC Rep Robert Bonilla,W.B. Ray HS,
proposed for consideration a proposal called “Bike Share.” After discussion Bonilla moved that his proposal be placed on the agenda for the STYC general session for discussion and adoption as a proposal for action.

STYC Rep Dena Shaath and her two BETA colleagues proposed college readiness to begin in middle school. During discussion members agreed that senior year is too late to start the college preparation process.

Proposals to forward to

STYC General Session

Marla Gutierrez and Delissa Garcia STYC Reps from Zapata High School join 3.1 Region Meet via video streaming.

Hector Nino      Cesia Flores

   BETA—STYC Alternates

Dena Shaath, BETA


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College readiness in Middle School

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Dr. Michelle Durán

Members elect

Valerie Ramirez

STYC President

HMK students opt for

leadership in senior year
Members of the South Texas Youth Congress gathered Jan. 23 at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, where they were welcomed by the university’s Michelle Duran and were visited by state Rep. J.M. Lozano. The group consists of members selected from high schools in 14 counties from Nueces to Webb and is part of the Dream Forward foundation, which initiates and supports programs that promote and encourage civic participation in South Texas. It provides opportunities for young people to learn and experience firsthand public policy-making.

February 6, 2016

Online Attendance from Zapata HS