On the road to Austin to promote

HB 1640—Life Skills counselor. April 2019

My visit to Austin and the state Capitol is one of the best experiences I have ever had.

  I met new people. I even got to seat in the

  Governors Capitol office.

  We eating lots of food, meeting many 

  important representatives, and many other

  exciting events, I had a lot of fun.


  My favorite part was being able to connect 

  with other STYC members, and learn that 

  we are passionate about our life skills bill.

  We walked so much because, from office to 

  office feeling that we were making a

  difference on lives many students, and for the betterment of Texas.


When adults hear of high school students going to the Capitol, they usually associate it with the concept of “They will be touring” or “They will be attending an event that will be going on” not “They will be lobbying a bill” or “They will be meeting with Representatives to promote for the betterment of the education system” especially if they are from South Texas.

  This trip as we were told was

  about business, gaining 

  experience, and ensuring that we

  were able to acquire all the

  support possible for HB 1640,

  however that was not all the other

  STYC members and me took

  learned in this trip. Many might

  think that the hardest part of this

  trip was speaking to

  Representatives or finding our way

  around the Capitol, but in fact it

  was walking around 360,000

  square feet (not including the

capitols extensions) with the wrong shoe wear, trying not to get my heels unstuck in the elevator, and sometimes even being treated unprofessionally by adults we were supposed to meet with.

As I reflect on this trip that happened nearly a week ago I still cannot wrap my mind around all we were able to accomplish. From being treated like family by Representative J.M. Lozano to taking a picture with Representative James Tallerico. Our trip to the Texas State Captiol was filled with uncontrollable laughter, great food, and most importantly desire amongst us as an organization to help the future high schoolers to come.

I will always remember all the great memories created throughout our trip and I hope to continue making a difference for the Public Education System in the State of Texas even after I graduate high school.

speaking with representative Armando Martinez outside the House floor. He introduced

Chasing rep Talarico during a press from the Capitol North to South steps.

Submitted: April 2019


Submitted: April 2019