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HB 3467


House Journal

April 8th, 2015

iSol Card used by STYC members during their visit to the State Capitol



84th Texas Legislative Session

On May 12th, 2015, the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 3467 by 144 votes and was sent to the Senate. There it was referred to the Higher Education Committee. The bill did not receive a hearing, therefore it did not reach the floor of the Senate for a vote before Sine Die.

After the Session a request was submitted to House Speaker Joe Straus to name a interim study committee on HB 3467.

HB 3467

STYC members in Weslaco at State Representative Armando Martinez’ office.

L-R: Sara Treviño La Feria HS graduate attending UT-Austin, Yineli Carreon Mercedes HS graduate attending Texas A&M College Station, Alyssa Valdez student Weslaco High School, Michelle Medina student Mercedes HS, and Ashlei Levier-Howell student La Feria HS.

By phone for part of the discussion was Adrian Ortiz, STYC Alumni, attending Baylor University in Waco.

Members also discussed STYC Season Two, and plans for their second general session, and the Dream Forward Dinner.

August 13, 2015—STYC members met and made plans to follow up on iSol-HB 3467. They agreed to send letters to state representatives Armando Martinez, Terry Canales and Abel Herrero—also to the High Education Committee Chairs in the House and Senate. Letters are in support of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus naming an interim study charge for  iSol-HB 3467.

Alyssa Valdez

Appointed interim

STYC Secretary/Media Chief.

Post Austin-Meet

June 11, 2015 Weslaco—STYC members met with State Representative Armando Martinez to discuss HB 3467. Representative Martinez shared how he was told by many of his colleagues that they were visited by STYC members and were impressed on how well they presented iSOL—HB 3467.

Also in discussion was a special request made to the Texas House Speaker to call an interim study committee on HB 3467 which would be conducted in South Texas in 2016. The interim Study Committee would prepare a report to the House Speaker prior to the 85th Texas Legislative Session which will convene in 2017.

Dr. Alejandro (Weslaco ISD Superintendent), Yineli Carreon,

Ashlei Levrier-Howell, Rep. Armando Martinez,

Alyssa Valdez and Gabriella Aviles.

Present not pictured: Weslaco HS Counselor Laura Villarreal,

and Mari Aviles, Executive VP Valley Grande Institute for Academic Studies.

2nd Post Austin-Meet