As a representative of South Texas Youth Congress, I can easily say that it is an organization that is truly inspiring and motivating.

When first exposed to the idea of an organization designed to allow high school students the opportunity to discuss pressing issues within their community, I honestly had no idea what to think. However, after the inaugural session this organization will not only play a leading role in identifying and solving major issues within our communities, but provide members and their fellow classmates the idea that anything is possible with communication and dedication. 

I am extremely proud and honored that I had the opportunity to not only play a role in choosing proposals that will be carried through the future of the South Texas Youth Congress, but I had the opportunity to help establish an organization that will continue to thrive and make a difference for South Texas.

STYC has provided me confidence and tools which I know that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Carolina Barrón

STYC Social Media Coordinator

2014 Graduate W.B. Ray HS

Attending University of Houston,

Houston, Texas

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Adrian Ortiz

STYC Member

2014 Graduate H.M. King HS.

Attending Baylor University

Waco, Texas

( iSol co-author )

Being a member of the inaugural session of the South Texas Youth Congress was an astounding honor and privilege.

I was inspired by all of my fellow members because each and every one of them want change for the South Texas community in different ways.

The session was unique to the fact that not only were we planning the proposals we desire to introduce, but we were also responsible for laying the foundation for the future sessions.

It's satisfying to know that when we see the South Texas Youth Congress in the future, we can say that we helped lay the foundation for this world-changing organization. Not only did this organization provide the opportunity for advancement in South Texas, but it gives the youth of South Texas, the future of South Texas, the opportunity to have their voices heard.



Summer 2014

Summer 2014

The South Texas Youth Congress was an amazing experience for me as a high schooler.

As a member, my colleagues and I worked for the benefit of South Texas. The organization provided us the means to engage in civic life in ways we didn’t think possible. As high schoolers, we were engaged in policymaking and advocacy efforts. Not a lot of people can say they've done something like that, and at a young age no less. It was a great experience in which I learned a lot and helped to make a difference in my community.

I’m glad to have been a part of this organization, and I hope future students continue to work for the good of South Texas. Today, I take the lessons learned with STYC and apply them to efforts in college and at work.

Jason Guidangen

STYC Member

2016 Graduate H.M. King HS

The University of Texas at Austin

Attending University of Texasa, Austin

Government, Liberal Arts Honors