STYC consist of up to 33 members.

New members apply to represent their high school. Students with completed applications enter a selection process.


STYC region includes fourteen counties from Webb to Nueces south. There are154 high schools in this region with enrollment of 134,289 as of October 2013.

75 high schools have a total enrollment of 122,424. (see graph)



They met and worked through the seven proposals and voted three for legislative action.

The three proposal merged into one. Known as iSol. It’s aim is to connected high school with fiber optics.

These first group of members sank in the core root giving growth to the South Texas Youth Congress.

In 2015 they had House Bill 3467 in the 84th Texas Session. STYC members met in the State Capitol, and over two days they visited 40 offices, promoting their bill. The bill passed the house by 144 votes. In the Senate the bill did not get a hearing in committee before sine die.

STYC members have a new bill proposal in the 85th, 2017, Texas Session, which was filed in the House and Senate.

This Bill was file in both the House and Senate as HB 3813 and SB 2123. The bill was heard in the house Public Education Committee and left pending.

The STYC initiative is modeled after the Iowa Youth Congress which Armando Villarreal began as head of the Iowa Division of Latino Affairs. He was appointed to that position, in 2005, by then Governor Tom Vilsack.

The Iowa Youth Congress has met in the Iowa House Chamber since 2007.

Among the most endearing gifts one generation gives the next is the gift of heritage and an opportunity to advance in life.

The purpose of the South Texas Youth Congress is to evoke a sense of place and community—to inspire the coming generation with hope and possibilities.

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Enrollment Source: Texas Education Agency

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2017 Bill Proposal

On February 2014 sixteen students from across south Texas gathered in Corpus Christi at Del Mar College. They brought with them public policy proposals. They presented, questioned, debated, and at the end of the day they voted on seven proposals to forward to their STYC session.

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The South Texas Youth Congress is the flagship initiative of

the Dream Forward Foundation.

IRS 501c3 tax exempt organization operating in Texas.


The Dream Forward Foundation (DF) is a IRS 501c3 tax exempt organization operating in Texas. The purpose of DF is to support initiatives that promote nonpartisan efforts which encourage civic participation

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The Foundation’s premier initiative is the South Texas Youth Congress.